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LED Light Fixture

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  • Fixtures designed in Bethlehem, PA specifically to work with the Leap System

  • Daylight LEDs designed for optimum lighting and plant growth

  • Provides beautiful light to view your animals

  • Variety of sizes for any sized enclosure

  • Daisy-chain design for ease of setting up multiple lights

  • Unique mounting clips designed to perfectly integrate into Leap Rack system, or your own racks

White Light

With your Leap LED fixture, provide both Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR) to be able to grow beautiful plants, and brilliant daylight that your reptiles to both see and regulate their daily lives.

Easily Link Fixtures

Avoid having a tangle of wires all over your habitat! Leap's lighting fixtures are specifically designed to link together, reducing the number of plugs you need and making your setup look extra tidy!

Mounting Clip

No more resting lights on top of habitats, making them awkward to move or clean. Leap's fixtures are made to mount directly to baker's racks with our mounting clips.