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Programmable Starter Misting System

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  • Built-in timers allow adjustment of interval and intensity of rainfall

  • Designed to mist 2 full habitats for your growing collections

  • Included mist heads and bulkheads integrate perfectly into your Leap

  • Top-Fill reservoir simplifies water top-ups

  • Modular design allows easy cleaning

  • Translucent reservoir shows you when it’s time to fill

  • Attractive design makes your reptile room shine

Control Schedules Easily

Determine your misting schedule and intensity with a quick twist of 3 knobs...allowing for a perfect and consistent rainfall setup.

Refill and Clean in Record Time

For a quick top-up just pour water in the top fill hole! Want to fully clean out your mister or fill it under the sink? Don't disconnect all of your misting lines, simply remove the top and move the bucket with ease!

Setup with a Push

The push-to-connect fittings on both the mister and the included accessories allow for you to setup or change your setup in no time at all.