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Leap Habitat - 22x17x36 in.

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Size 15x17x18 in. 15x17x24 in. 22x17x18 in. 22x17x24 in. 22x17x36 in.

60 Gallons (216 Liters)

  • Lightweight design allows for easy moving and cleaning

  • Hybrid screen/solid construction for great fresh air flow and humidity regulation

  • Included Leap Liner for easy bio-active terrarium design

  • Ergonomic front door latches to keep your animal secure

  • Interchangeable parts for easy replacement

  • Unlimited customization options through add-on accessories

Terrariums Reimagined

New to the world, patented, innovative. Leap's Habitat design was created from the ground up to meet the needs of both Animals and Keepers to provide the best experience possible.

Bioactive Ready

Included Leap Liner holds sufficient substrate and withholds water allowing for construction of bioactive habitats.

Leap Living Earth, drainage layer, and other bioactivity products are available through our webstore to maximize the health of your captive environment!

Lightweight & Rugged

No more struggling (or putting off) cleaning because your habitat is too heavy to move around. Plus, with Leap's design, a small mistake like breaking a door doesn't mean you have to throw out your entire beautiful terrarium, simply replace the piece!

Designed by Keepers for Keepers

Built-in knock-outs allow you to easily add Leap misting systems to each cage with ideal placement for realistic rainfall simulation.

Pre-printed rainforest background specially designed to blend in and take your eye away from the background and back to the contents of the habitat itself.

Redundant and ergonomic door latches allow your animals to stay secure, while custom door pulls make opening your habitat easier.

Engineered for Life

All parts are interchangeable and can be replaced with new ones, allowing the cage to withstand the test of time should unforeseen accidents happen.

Plastic, aluminum, and stainless construction, so you never worry about rust or failure due to inappropriate material choices.

Baker’s Rack Ready

We know that for a prosumer reptile and amphibian keeper, space to maintain our animals is critical. The Leap Habitats are designed to nest perfectly within baker’s racks creating major value for your breeding venture.

Flat-Pack Design

As a result of its patented, flat-pack design, Leap habitats, no matter how large, can be shipped safely across the country or even the world. 

And because they are easy to assemble, your time will be spent enjoying your animals rather than building their habitats.

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